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O'ahu Beaches, Hawaii- The Gathering Place:

So many of the popular cultural images and visual stereotypes of Hawai'i were generated right here on the Island of O'ahu. The images of World War II in the Pacific Ocean, and hundreds of thousands of military participants were introduced to the exotic Islands of Hawai'i by way of entrance through the City of Honolulu, on the Island of O'ahu. The beaches of Waikiki, and the coconut tree lined bays with imagery of girls dancing the Hula, in grass skirts, cemented the notion of what the United States would come to know as the 50th State in the Union.

Certainly the contrast of images in the war era showed Hawai'i in a very favorable light, and the love affair began in earnest after the war ended. Even Japan desired this Jewel in Pacific, and within a few decades tourists from all over the world were flying to O'ahu, Hawai'i to see the magical, mystical, Super Beaches.

Hanamauu Bay, OahuAnd why not? Hawai'i was accessible (at least O'ahu was), and the experience was nothing like what the world had seen before. Warm water, tropical breezes, cooling trade winds, comfortable hospitality, and a welcomeness that has become world renown as "Aloha". Before long, Honolulu was growing fast. Hotels were being built by the lovely beach areas, and the beach culture of Hawai'i gained a life of its own. Surfing, Sailing, Fishing, and Snorkeling all became words used by visitors, and an Hawai'i vacation was synonomous with having a good time. O'ahu has continued to develop this idea, and now has a population of approximately 1,000,000 people who enjoy the living benefits of being in "the Gathering Place" Island. And there is much to enjoy here!

Oahu Windward BayThe Island of O'ahu has 5 major regions, and has definitive "leeward' and "windward" weather systems. The North Shore Region is famous for it's winter surfing activities, and the Honolulu Region has gentler year round sufing possibilities. The Western Wainae Region has some very clear water areas, and swimming and snorkeling options. The East Region features miles of protected reef areas that are easy swimming and frolicking even for novice swimmers.

Ko Olina Sunset, OahuMany people start their Hawai'i vacation on O'ahu, and fly to the other islands, as inter-island charter flights and excursions have become very price competitive. There is a cruise ship line leaving Honolulu weekly, that visits all the Islands of Hawai'i, and gives a first class view of the Hawai'i beaches from the ocean side, and with beach tours for sight seeing.

Plan on at least a week of visiting the Super Beaches of Oahu, Hawaii - and 10 days is even better. If you can stay longer, consider a trip to Kauai, Hawai'i - The Big Island, or even Maui. Any way you slice it, O'ahu is a winner!

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