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Ni'ihau Beaches, Hawaii - The Forbidden Island:

Ni 'ihau is located a scant 18 miles southwesterly from the Kaua'i and it is the 7th largest Hawaiian Island. The Island was purchased in 1864 from the Kingdom of Hawai'i by Elizabeth Sinclair, and has continued in private ownership in the Robinson family ever since. Ni'ihau Aerial 1

The Island of Ni'ihau is only 6.2 miles wide and and 18.6 mile long. The population is approximately 140 people. Since Ni'ihau lies in the lee of Kaua'i, most sea born rain is deposited on Kauai'i leaving Ni'ihau arid, unless winter Kona storms drive rain to the island. Ni'ihau form Kaua'iThis lack of fresh water creates some superb diving and fishing opportunities near the coast of the island, but shoreline and beach visitation is prohibited by local residents. For an explanantion of the Coastal Access in Hawai'i we refer you to the Sea Grant at the University of Hawai'i. Regardless of the vagueries of Hawaiian land use law, no one contests that fishing and diving are available to all interested. And some of the best diving locations are near Ni'ihau. Several popular dive tours are available, and fishing is fabulous near Lehua Island at the northern tip of Ni'ihau.Ni'ihau Helicopter

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