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Maui Beaches- The Valley Island:

Super Beach WaveMaui is the second largest island of the Islands of Hawai'i, with 727.2 square miles of beauty. As the island formed over 1.1 Million years ago; Maui, Lana'i, Moloka'i, Molokini, and Kahoolawe constituted one larger island (referred to as "Maui Nui"). Like all the Islands of Hawai'i, these islands are sinking under their own weight into the Pacific, and sizeable stretches of water differentiate each shoreline.

Maui remains a touring favorite to visitors, and the wondrous beaches figure prominently in this equation. Some of the widest, whitest, and wiliest beaches in Hawai'i can be found on the Island of Maui, and they are super easy to access too. Ongoing improvements to Maui's infrastructure and roads are facilitating access like never before. Now, you can get from one end of the Island to another with very little time.

Makena, Maui Another popular way to enjoy the Super Beaches of Maui, is to venture high atop the volcanic Haleakala (10,023 above sea level) and enjoy the shoreline views and range of geographic diversity inherent on the Island of Maui. The color of the ocean from this majestic view is stimulating to us Beach enthusiasts, and you will also be amazed at the contrast of temperature from the top if the mountain, back down to the beach. Dress warmly if you are going up to Haleakala to see the sunrise on the fabulous Pacific!

Black Rock, MauiMaui's leeward side hosts many incredible resorts with emphasis on beach activities including swimming, snorkeling, snuba, scuba, and whale watching. These super beaches have a rich maritime history, and you will see historic reminders in many locations. The amazing beach in Lahaina is such a location, and the echoes of the past ring quite audibly here.

Golf courses lining super beaches on Maui is also very popular. In Hawai'i all beaches are public access, so even if you want to cuddle up next to celebrity golfers on expensive courses - you are welcome to the beach beside them.

Road to Hana, MauiMaui's windward side is beautiful and lush, and also invites visitors to explore the highways leading to many exotic beach locations. Tourism is still relatively new here, and many pristine Maui beaches are here to be explored.

The Road to Hana (Pictured to the Left), is one of the more popular new destinations with magnificent beaches and marine explorations to explore. It is possible to have beaches entirely to yourself in this part of Maui, and this freedom has encouraged some visitors to forget their clothing. We don't recommend this because the Hawaiian sun can be very hard on unprotected skin areas. And it might be against the law... but we are not Lawyers.

Haiku, Maui Please take time to enjoy the amazing and refreshing Maui waterfalls as you transit the entire Island of Maui. Fresh water plays a major part in the "green scene" of Maui. The waterfalls of Maui are captivating, and should be considered a must see by any Maui Super Beach enthusiast.

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