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South Maui Beaches, Hawai'i

From the upper reaches of Kihei down past Makena and La Perouse Bay lies the region known as "South" Maui. These beaches are synonymous with long stretches of sand and blue sky, and warm afternoons with gentle breezes blowing in the memories of thousands and thousands of tourists. Welcome to South Maui! The good news is, there are enough hotel rooms now here you will not have trouble booking a room.

Big Beach, South MauiIt is unimaginable looking at the current South Maui, that this land was deemed "undesirable" by early developers as they opted for development and investment in Lahaina and Kaanapali. Not that those areas weren't gorgeous, with ample views of neighboring islands. But, that this South Maui land was viewed as having too much sun and not enough inherent shade and relaxation potential.

As late as the 1970s, South Maui was viewed as a "locals only" place - where only the most adventurous would have a vacation cabin. Now of course, it is the home and destination location of the rich and famous (and everyone else too!), and it is helped Maui determine its course as the ultimate American location for a vacation in the sun. An amazing metamorphosis in less than 50 years!

Grand Wailea, South MauiAnd the terrific news for you the visitor, is they really did it right. You have choices from seaside budget hotel suites, all the way to $25,000 per night Presidential suites at seaside. Unlike other areas in on the Islands of Hawaii that overdeveloped hotels, and forgot the logistical infrastructure, South Maui built large-scale highways as a corridor to connect the entire region. West Maui comparatively has horrible traffic jams at commute times, and South Maui flows 24 hours a day.

And speaking of flowing, you're going to one of flow directly onto the beaches here in South Maui. The sand quality is superb! The beaches are wide, and the water clear and warm. Because the South Maui beaches are in the lee of Haleakala, and generally face westward, they enjoy typically smaller waves and less wind than their counterparts on the rest of the island. This translates into a terrific experience in the water, with fabulous snorkeling, and access to a whole host of Marine life from mating whales to abundant sea turtles.

Fishing is also first-class in South Maui with expeditions leaving daily from the Maalaea Boat Harbor. Try your luck at Bill fishing, tuna or Mahi Mahi. It's all good, and you will enjoy your stay in South Maui. We always do!

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