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Central Maui Beaches, Hawai'i

Super Beach Wave Central Maui Beaches are synonymous with beauty and quick and easy access from Kahului. These Hawaiian Super Beaches are home to wind surfing and large wave surfing competitions that are world renowned and well televised. This popularity has brought more than its share of popularity to the beaches here, and a fair number of interested and talented tourists too.

Central Maui SurfingIf it wasn't for the sheer number of absolutely fabulous beaches, there might be a traffic problem on the water, but as it is the waves and the competitions are nicely spread out, bringing a good flow of people to enjoy the winter and summer activities to these beaches.

Central Maui also has some of the best infrastructure on Maui with access to transportation, great roads and abundant parking, so even as the swell begins to the beaches, the load gets handled nicely. But even with the traffic, the beauty of Maui displayed here is undeniable, and everyone always wants to come back for more. Who can blame them?

Kahakuloa BeachCentral Maui also serves as the gateway to the Hana highway going to Southeast Maui, and the drive up to Kahakuloa Bay. This amazing Super Beach Hawaii destination will leave you wanting to see more and more of Maui on your stay.

So no matter what you desire in beach stays, you can probably find it in Central Maui. The water is warm, the seas are usually calm in the summer, and the winds keep all the air super fresh year round. Be sure to write some time into your vacation to visit the Super Beaches of Central Maui

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