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Kaua'i Beaches, Hawaii - The Garden Island:

Virtually every island in the State of Hawai'i has garden like components and attributes. The Island of Kaua'i however is the greenest, and embodies the look, feel, and peacefullness generally associated with living in an arborial and pastoral setting. It is visually stunning, and will take your breath away with it's majectic peaks and azure coasts. Kaua'i, Hawai'i is known as the "The Garden Island".

As Hawai'i volcanically formed, the Island of Kaua'i presented itself much earlier than O'ahu and the other Hawaiian Islands. It's volcanoes have fallen asleep, and it has begun the dance of aging, that generates the carved beauty associated with the wind and water of the aeons of time.

Rich top soil also is plentiful on Kaua'i, which allows much planting and greenery with the rains that frequest this Island. Like the other Hawaiian Islands, Kaua' i has a "Leeward" South and Westerly coasts, and a "Windward" Northern and Easterly Coasts. The "Leeward" Coasts can be more arid, and receive 20 to 40 inches of rain annually. The "Windward" Coasts receive 50 to over 100 inches of rain per year. The Mountain peaks of Kaua'i receive more than 400 inches of rain per year, which keeps water in the rivers and streams feeding through the Island. These streams can cause some water visibility issues on beaches where the water enters the oceans. Still, the water clarity on Kaua'i is not to be missed, and you should definitely plan on swimming, snorkeling and scuba in your trip.

The water temperatures surrounding Kaua'i range fromn 73 degrees to over 80 degrees seasonally. These lower temperature produce slower coral growth, and many beaches around Kaua'i are monitoring coral growth, and have begun planting new coral development areas. Coral is vital to the marine environment, as it serves as home and garden to the sea life that lives there.

Kaua'i has many sandy, treelined beaches to offer when you head for the beach. The settings range from gorgeous to majestic, and the choices make for a very long list.

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