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Kaho'olawe Beaches- The Other Forbidden Island:

Kahoolawe OffshoreKaho'olawe is enigmatic. Over used, and under appreciated for centuries. This gem of an island has been over logged, over grazed, and over run. The US Navy used it for its offshore shelling target practice, and to this day there remains live unexploded munitions nested in the soil and beaches of this potential paradise. It is illegal and unwise to traverse the shore and Island of Kaho'olawe. You could get hurt, and we don't recommend it.

Kahoolawe from the SoutheastThat said; Hawaiians ('Ohana) are currently rehabilitating the land and spirit of the Island. Working with the government, they are removing and/or detonating the munitions, and it is conceivable that the explosive dangers will be in Kaho'olawe's past. There is a two mile safety perimeter around Kaho'olawe, and this provides a safe distance to view the beauty of the beaches and sea cliffs of this magnificent and albeit "dry" island. Fishing off and around Kaho'olawe is superb. Look for charters from the Island of Maui and the Big Island of Hawai'i.

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Kaho'olawe Beaches - The Other Forbidden Island HD Video

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