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Ahupu Bay, Kaho'olawe, Description:

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Ahupu Bay
Water Temperature Averages
Winter 77.1°F
Spring 78.9°F
Summer 81.2°F
Fall 79.5°F
Average Clarity Good
Ahupu Bay, Kaho'olawe is located on the north side of Kaho'olawe. The bay itself lies within the coastal boundaries of Ahupu 'ili , and it is horseshoe shaped with pockets of sand separated by a rocky bluff to the east. It is a North shore bay, and receives tidal action and seasonal winds like all north facing bays in Hawaii.

Like the rest of Kaho'olawe, this area was denuded of regional trees by centuries of over use and deforestation. The general low lie of Kaho'olawe commands very little rainfall from passing sea clouds, so fresh water has always been an issue for regrowth and general consumption use on the Island. This however translates into very clear scuba diving conditions from minimal fresh water run-off contributed by rain.

Ahupu Bay
Location Specifics
Parking No
Picnic Tables No
Shade Available No
Showers No
Through the years the Ahupu Bay area was also used by ranchers with goats and sheep. As early as the early 1900's foraging animals had consumed the grasses to an extent that erosion was a significant problem that was never addressed through any formal planning or corrective work. Later, the land leases were handed over to the federal government to use the land for shipborne shelling practice, and wargame bombardment exercises. For years, live unexploded munitions were visible on the surface of the land.

Ahupu Bay is not available for touring, swimming, snorkeling or beachcombing. Please respect this beach, Ahupu Bay and the adjacent waters as per the nautical guidelines.
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