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Mackenzie State Park Description:

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Mackenzie State Park
Water Temperature Averages
Winter 76.1°F
Spring 78.8°F
Summer 80.2°F
Fall 78.9°F
Average Clarity Fair
Mackenzie State Park is not a traditional beach park. It is however, a grand way to view some amazing surf and beach from the sea cliffs in what may be one of the best views of the Puna Regions most turbulent area. Named for State Forest Ranger Albert J.W. Mackenzie, who helped pioneer tree planting projects in the Puna and Ka'u Regions of the Big Island of Hawaii. Born in Scotland, Mackenzie made his way to Hawaii by Nova Scotia, and settled in Hawaii in the late 1890's. Certainly, a most opportune time to arrive in Hawaii, with an inclination to be part of development and reforestration of the wooded resource. By All measures, Albert J.W. Mackenzie and family were well liked and respected inhabitants of their time.

Mackenzie State Park
Location Specifics
Parking Yes
Picnic Tables Yes
Shade Available Yes
Showers Yes
The Ironwood trees in Mackenzie State Park are products of Mackenzie and his handywork. The trees have a mystical quality about them, and although not rare in Hawaii, the grove here is remarkable in changing light conditions, particularly as the sun sets. The crashing waves against the cliffs and caves below make an uneartly sound, and have long been associated with "Night Marchers" (the dead passing through on their way to another portion of the Island). It is mildly unsettling, but not scary.

Mackenzie State Park for a stay

Many enjoy Mackenzie State Park as a camping and picnic grounds, in that the sea views are truly spectacular. The facilities here lend themselves to the natural temporal inclinations of the area, and covered areas are available and well used. Many perople also enjoy photography and fishing from the cliffs, but the pursuit is not without risk of a fall, or worse a rougue wave that makes it's way to the tops of the cliffs (It happens!).

So be careful and watchful as you enjoy Mackenzie State Park, and always keep an eye on the waves and your footing. The easy ingress to the Park off the Kapoho Kalapana Road makes this site easy viewing and a must see if you are in the neighborhood. Even if you are not planning and overnight camping trip or a picnic here, make time if you are nearby to see this natural wonder.
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