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Kapoho Tide Pools Description:

Super Beach Wave
Kapoho Tide Pools
Water Temperature Averages
Winter 76.1°F
Spring 78.8°F
Summer 80.2°F
Fall 78.9°F
Average Clarity Good
Kapoho Tide Pools remains one of the more popular snorkeling and swimming spots in the Puna Region of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is relatively close to Kea'au, Pahoa, and Hilo, plus it offers some unique access to reef born sea life that is more challenging to find on the windward side of the Island. The Kapoho Tide Pools are protected by a natural reef that encloses a mostly protected bay, and attracts a wide variety of fish and sea turtles within it's boundry. Fishing for Crevalle and Ulua are common on the outer edge of the lava flats area. Fishing offshore in this area is also very good, and strong currents bring nutrients to the seafood pyramid in abundance here too.

Kapoho Tide Pools
Location Specifics
Parking Yes
Picnic Tables No
Shade Available No
Showers No
The only issue with the Kapoho Tide Pools are the way they lie in relation to peoples homes in the neighborhood. I don't want to hit this too hard but, many people have small homes (built immediately next to others),which in turn are built very closely to the tide pools themselves. You get the feeling you are swimmingh in somebody's backyard if you stay near the beach area, and the vibe from the neighborhood is not always filled with "Aloha.

We believe this can be traced back to the evolution of the modern community, and the changes in "Public Access" laws in the State of Hawaii. Literally, the area was not developed with a Master Plan that would accomidate visitors coming in to take advantage of the beauty of the Kapoho Tide Pools area. It sjust feels too tight up close. And the signage you read on the way to the tide pools doesn't help the feeling either. Okay, so much for the negative.

Kapoho Tide Pools gets warmer than the stats

Our temperature readings we post are actually from samples that were taken near the reef entry, and are typical for this portion of the Big Island of Hawaii. The sea water can and does get much warmer in some of the smaller Kapoho Tide Pools, especially next to shore. The natural dynamics of this reality affects what type of sea life prefers the tide pool you visit. So in many ways, you have to be prepared to see a large section of Kapoho Tide Pools if you want a comprehensive understanding of what is available to be seen here.
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A positive experience.
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Inquire on-sight for advisability.

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