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Kona Beaches, Hawai'i

Kona Region SunsetIf all the Hawaiian Islands were your own, and you could choose any place in Hawai'i to live your remaining years; what location would you choose? King Kamehameha I choose the Kona Region, and his home was right on the coast in Kailua Kona town, right off what is currently Ali'i' Drive. A fine choice to be sure. And what is not to love?

The Kona Region is idyllic by almost all standards. Beautifully bright and sunny mornings. Delightful trade winds in the afternoon. Generally predictable afternoon rain showers that freshen the air and prepare you for some of the most amazing sunsets the Lord ever displayed to humanity. Add some of the best deep sea fishing in the world within a radius of 5 miles, and you begin to get a sense of the depth of assets possessed by the Kona Region.

Kona BeachThe other dimension of the Kona Region is the indominatable beauty of the backing of the 8271 foot majestic volcanic mountain "Hualalai". The gentle slopes of this giant contain fertile soil and easy access to dramatic changes of scenery and climate possibilities. Home to some of the finest coffees available in the Pacific, the Kona Region has many delights for the eyes, ears, and tastes of the those that enjoy their time on thses delectable shores.

The sea on the leeward side on the Island of Hawai'i is also very accomidating to swimmers, surfers, snorkeing and and scuba diving. The sport of surfing was born here on these shores. There ara a variety of options and choices from shore access, and extremely well run sea tour operators that make your access here available and affordable as well. You will want to consider having a vehicle in your visit to the Big Island of Hawai'i'. The Kona International Airport is a few miles north of the town of Kailua Kona, and Kona Region distances can be deceiving here by referencing a map. You will drive further than you thought!

Outrigger Resort in Kona You will want to make a point of visiting ever major area in the Kona Region, and you can plan on making several journeys both North and South on Queen Kaahumanu Highway (Highway 19). Highway 11, which is also known as the "Hawai'i Belt Road and the Mamalahoa Highway will also be your friend in exploration. The Pacific Ocean is visible and enjoyable from many miles of the roads, and traffic is generally light, unless you are travelling at peak commute periods. Dramatic highway and road improvements in this part of Hawai'i have made travelling much more enjoyable and less time consuming.

Easy access to the Kona Region is available worldwide by daily flights to the Kona International Airport at Keahole. In fact, the only measurable downside to a visit to the Kona Region is that you probably will want more time here, and you may not want to go home again.

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