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Kaiholena (Sapphire Cove) Description:

Super Beach Wave
Sapphire Cove
Water Temperature Averages
Winter 77.1°F
Spring 79.2°F
Summer 81.2°F
Fall 79.3°F
Average Clarity Great
Sapphire Cove (Kaiholena) is considered a scuba dive and snorkel spot, and it never fails to be interesting and full of natural wonders to behold. Located only a few northern miles from the Kawaihae harbor, this beautiful cove is another sterling example of why Kohala beaches make great water sports locations.

Between the 11 and 12 mile marker on Akoni Pule Highway (Highway 270) look left when travelling north, or look right travelling south. The sparkling Sapphire Cove (Kaiholena) is generally vacant or may have a dive boat anchored somewhere near by. The only parking here is off the highway pn the dirt road, in some of the more spacious turn out "parking" areas, so practice safe Kohala parking practices (never leave valuables in the car) when you pull up to use the area. Although we have never seen anyone else close to parking here.

Mornings tend to be best here, and it progressively gets rougher with the Kohala winds as the afternoon heats up. Offshore can also have some current so watch your six if you venture out.
Sapphire Cove
Location Specifics
Parking Limited
Picnic Tables No
Shade Available No
Showers No

This is a wonderful swimming location too, especially on hot Kohala afternoons, but there is no real shade here, no sand, limited parking, so we are cautioning you somewhat here. Snorkel and Scuba are definirely the plus here, and we have seen large schools of fish both shallow and deep here.

If you are interested in spear fishing, Sapphire Cove (Kaiholena) should be on your short list too. The water is very clear here, and there are no fresh water streams anywhere remotely close to lessen the clarity. Natural fresh water percolation is also extremely small here too, so again the conditions are almost always near perfect for a dive.

More Information on Sapphire Cove (Kaiholena):
Sapphire Cove (Kaiholnea) and Big Island Beaches
Sapphire Cove (Kaiholnea) Public Access and Cultural Information
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Yes Caution, Warning or Hazard.
Inquire on-sight for advisability.

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