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Honomalino Bay Description:

Super Beach Wave
Honomalino Bay
Water Temperature Averages
Winter 77.8°F
Spring 78.8°F
Summer 80.4°F
Fall 78.9°F
Average Clarity Good
At about 30 miles south from Kailua-Kona, lies the fishing village of Miloli'i. This area sits adjacent to several lava flows and has a harsh veneer when compared to other spots on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i. It has good reason for the appearance. Lava actively flowed large here again back in 1927, and destroyed most of the old village. Fortunately Miloli'i has been rebuilt, and has become a place of importance to all Hawaiians yet again. In accessing Honomalino Bay, you will need to fitsy get to Miloli'i, park your vehicle and then start your 20 minute walk to this fabulous black sand beach.

Honomalino Bay
Location Specifics
Parking Yes
Picnic Tables No
Shade Available Yes
Showers No
We have always traditionally parked in the parking lot that stands next to the bright yellow church in Miloli'i. If you are coming to Honomalino Bay on a weekend, you may need to be prepared to park a bit further up the road, and walk somewhat further. Don't be discouraged. It is worth it!

Having said that however, I would encourage you to try to visit Honomalino Bay on a weekday if you possibly can. The reasons are two-fold: One - the people that live in Miloli'i really do use the area extensively on weekends (they work for a living too!), and two - you stand a fairly good chance of having a degree of privacy if you come mid-week. We have had several trips when we were the only ones there. And, if you can get here alone, its like you landed on these ISlands all by yourself again. Sheer Paradise!

Honomalino Bay is one of the nicest Black Sand Beaches Anywhere

Now saying that Honomalino Bay Beach is a nice black sand beach is an understatement of enormous proportion. Just imagine a large crescent of beautifully clear calcareous detrital black sand generously poured out for you, and you have the makings of the start of the amazing Honomalino Bay and Beach. Add to this, one of the best large collections of mature coconut trees opportunely planted next to the shore, coupled with pristine seawater and excellent visibility. That's Honomalino Bay!

Snorkel in Honomalino Bay

Because Honomalino Bay require a 20 minute hike to access, many people leave their snorkel gear at home. This is a mistake. The visibility is only slightly clouded next to shore as the fresh water effects access the seawater. Further out, the water clears up entirely, and you have a vast garden of sea life for your pleasure. Making it more enjoyable is the natural protection that Honomalino Bay provides visitors. Only on rare occasions does the sea stae become an issuie, but if you want the best times for a dive - try the mornings!

Picnic in Honomalino Bay

Like the snorkel gear, people often do not bring their own food with them when they hike to Honomalino Bay. This is a pity because you can have a lovely picnic here (on the ground - no picnic tables). After a good swim about, I love a snack - and I am sure you would too. Honomalino Bay has sveral people who keep vactaion homes in the back bay, but that is the extent of the facilities proper here. There is no lavatory on the beach area, nor are there stores or snack stands as per other beach parks. That is the reason the privacy here is so good!

Honomalino Bay as a hiking location

We have tried to include several of the key juctures, signs, and directions as we can in the pictoral here at SBHAwaii.com web site for your enjoyment of Honomalino Bay. The hike is challenging, largely flat with some unbdulation, but not hard. Bring fresh water as you would for any remote site in Hawaii, and always let people know where you are before you leave.

The entire hike is pleasant from Miloli'i, and provides a variety of terrain from lava flow to forested and thicketed areas. You do pass by some private property that is not on the trail, so please be repectful of the neighborhood and property. Lastly, aslways bring out whatever you bring in, leaving Honomalino Bay one of the prettiest Beach sites you will visit for years to come.
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