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Ka'u Beaches, Hawai'i

Kau South Point CliffsSimilar in many ways to the Puna Region, the Ka'u Region stretches south as the most southern portion of the United States of America. The Ka'u Region was the original settlement for both the Tahitians and the Marquesans that settled in Hawai'i, and although lacking in fresh water near the sea, it later was developed into a substantial agricultural area as sugar cane became the predominant crop. Ka'u is also known for it's coffee plantations and many coffee enthusiasts prefer Ka'u coffee to other areas.

When visiting the Ka'u Region make a point of visiting South Point or "Ka Lae" in Hawaiian. There are very few spots internationally which sport better fishing from shore than the Ka'u Region. Kau Shore FishingFishing in Hawai'i does not require a permit or license, so please fish responsibly. Large schools of Tuna, and many other species are common off the rugged shores of Ka'u. Diving and snorkeling here are also spectacular, but please pay attention to tidal action and tidal surge. The crystal clear waters hold many delights, and the Region also hosts white sand, black sand, green sand, and brown sand beaches.

Punaluu Beach ParkAnother benefit resident in Ka'u is the lack of tourists (and even residents). Ka'u affords much solitude, and is a wonderful place to sit at the beach and reflect. A common occurence here, is just to have the sun, wind and sea as your companion. Papalokea Green Sand BeachA local sea bird may visit in curiousity, but it is the brilliance of unihabited space that emparts the majesty of Ka'u. Enjoy this Region like a fine wine,because someday soon, this area too - may be changed and forever different.

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