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Hilo Breakwater Park Description:

Super Beach Wave
Hilo Breakwater Park
Water Temperature Averages
Winter 75.2°F
Spring 78.0°F
Summer 79.2°F
Fall 78.2°F
Average Clarity Good
Hilo Breakwater Park is a gateway to a view of Hilo that can not be matched by anyother Beach Park on the Hilo side of the Big Island of Hawaii. The Hilo Breakwater was begun in three sections, which were completed in 1910, 1911 and 1929. The third or last section, added the final extension to the Hilo Breakwater span and brought the total length of the Breakwater to 10,070 feet or 1.9 Miles. The Hilo Breakwater provides unmatched access to the Hilo Bay, Kuhi'o Bay, Puhi Bay and Reed's Bay. The large volcanic stones used to build the breakwater were hauled to Hilo and deposited in a strategic location to maximize protection to the Hilo Bay area. The secondary consequence of the Hilo Breakwater construction was the natural attraction of the reef like quality and attraction of sea life to feed on the vegetation that grows surrounding it.

Hilo Breakwater Park
Location Specifics
Parking Yes
Picnic Tables Yes
Shade Available Yes
Showers No
The long arc of the Hilo Breakwater provides wonderful hiking and fishing opportunities, but Breakwater users should be aware that waves can create a powerful force against the Breakwater and we have seen waves wash completely over the structure. If you happened into one of the ose areas when the waves were splashing you could certainly be risking some damage or drowning - so please use caution when you are on the Hilo Breakwater itself.

Hilo Breakwater Park Picnic Area

Another wonderful component to the Hilo Breakwater Park is the picnin facilities which are conveniently located near the entrace to the Breakwater. Grand views and sturdy tables await, and parking is ample in the surrounding area.

Getting to Hilo Breakwater Park

Follow Kalanianaole Avenue past Kuhi'o Street going east and just before you arrive at Keaukaha Beach Park turn toward the Bay and follow the dirt road along the fence. The Hilo Breakwater Park is not well marked, but is well worth the effort to get a first clas view of the lovely Hilo, Hawaii and the beautiful Hilo Bay area.
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