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Hilo Region Beaches, Hawai'i

Hilo Bay, HawaiiIf you are looking for that sense of what Hawai'i looked and acted like in years gone by, you will enjoy your visit to both the North and South Hilo Regions. The City of Hilo, in the South Hilo Region, is growing slowly and carefully, and with an eye to the future. Built on an idyllic harbor and shore break, the City of Hilo employs the best uses of beach, waves, and water to display it's beauty and charm. With a population just below 45,000 people, Hilo meanders up and out widely to give everyone their own sense of space and access.

Hawaii Botanical Gardens, HiloSuburbs and smaller towns flank the City of Hilo to the North, South, and West. Each community having it's own unique character, and attachment to the Sea and Beaches. As you drive through the City of Hilo you get a sense of the importance of the ocean, as the gardens and parks emphasize the relationship this area has enjoyed.

Hilo Region by AirMuch of older Hilo is built on a tidal low land area, and the reminders of the power of the sea are still present. Take a minute and enjoy what the residents have constructed here for the pleasure of the eyes and ears. You can revel in the history, as many of the older builings and locales remain as they did 100 years ago.

Lush vegetation is also present in the Hilo Region as well. Hilo receives over 200 inches of rain per year, and this mixed with brilliant sunshine, forms a green ambience that helps bring serenity to the mind. The contrast beween the land surrounding the sea, and the wonderful blue of the ocean is completely intoxicating.

Hilo BeachesWonderful beaches await you in the City of Hilo, and in the larger Hilo Region. You may find you have the entire area to yourself on weekdays, so be prepared for an experience of a lifetime.

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