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Hamakua Beaches, Hawai'i

Waipi'o Valley HamakuaKnown for it's rugged coastline and picturesque valleys and waterfalls, the Hamakua Region envelopes the base of Mauna Loa, and extends from Waipi'o Valley to the North Hilo Region. It's cliffs stand like warriors in the front line against the North Pacific ramparts, and the changing local weather patterns often bring cool relief to a stretch of nature as beautiful as any in the Hawaiian Islands. The Hamakua coastline is typically a high bank, or rocky cliff ranging from near sea level to several hundred feet high in places.

Hamakua Region CoastlineThrough the generations, streams of mountain fresh water have opened up vast valleys, and created fertile plains for agriculture and easy access to the sea. Various forms of farming thrive here, and you can still see the remnants of the sugar cane business that once thrived here. Although the land is now used for other purposes, the fertile foundation of this area remains intact and capable of feeding many more than reside in the State of Hawai'i.

Hamakua Stream Many beach lovers often turn their attention in this region to enjoying the abundant fresh water streams and waterfalls. The flora and fauna here too excels with fresh water, and this is a bird lovers paradise by all measurements.

If you are driving through the Hamakua Region by car, make sure and enjoy the ocean and beach vistas available from the magnificent bridges and overpasses constructed for the highway system . Many of the small towns (off the highway) are perched atop the sea cliffs, and you can only appreciate the grandeur of their views by stopping your car to see the show for yourself. These side road adventures may become one of your most memorable Super Beach adventures while visiting Hawai'i.

The Hamakua Region remains one of the best kept vacation secrets in Hawai'i. So take your time here, enjoy the beaches, and every component of Hamakua.Hamakua Coastline and Stream

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