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Surf and Surfing in Hawai’i:

Hawai'i Surf JumperSurf IconDoes anything typify more, the Hawaiian out door spirit, than Surfing? Perhaps not. This classic sport form, has its origins in Hawaiian culture, and indeed “Surfing” was - the sport of the King’s (Ali’i) of Hawaii.

Acting as a cultural and demonstrative practice, Surfing visually recognized the prowess and physical acumen of the early Hawaiian Male Monarchy irrefutably. The “Surf Boards” used (actually large wooden planks) were very heavy, not very buoyant, largely unnavigable, and extremely difficult to launch into a wave. Often, requiring herculean swimming strength and commitment, to meet any form of Surfing success. The Hawaiian Kings would attempt to ride (standing on) the “Surf Boards” all the way to the beach. A successful ride, actually terminating with the King stepping off directly on to the beach. Classy, but difficult! After World War II, returning Pacific Based US GI’s enthralled the listening public about the wonders of Hawaiian Surfing they witnessed while passing through the Islands. It wasn’t long before the Hollywood Dream Machine had its own version running strong, forever cementing Surfing in Hawaii and California as a sport form for the adventurous and free spirited. Gone were the days when Surfing was reserved for Kings, and now it was a sport for all people.

Surfing Woman on Huge WavesWith year round daily access to warm clear water with near optimal to incredible wave heights and Beaches; Hawaii quickly reasserted its predominance in the emerging Surfing consciousness, and Hawaii’s position has never been seriously challenged since. It’s just that good here in Hawai’i. Surfing culture and technology has not stood still since it was reinvigorated after World War II. Hawaii embraces Surfing in public events, and many of the world’s best surfing beaches are right here in Hawaii. From beginner to professional, we have waves you want. In fact, Hawaii is an ideal location for the right combination of warm water, and big waves to hit its shores.

Since most waves in the Pacific are generated by the storms and tides of the North Pacific and the Bering Sea, Hawaii is located just the right distance so as to not diminish the wave height, yet close enough to the equator to get some nice sea water temperatures for surfing. Couple all that with some perfect below water reefs and super beaches surrounding Hawaii, and you have the ideal circumstances for a great day surfing.

Whither you are on the Big Island of Hawaii, or ranging all the way the too northwesterly Kaua’i, you’ll find surfing options, and surfboard and instructional possibilities too.

So do you want to get started Surfing in Hawaii?... Great!

Maui Hawaii Surf School ClassSurveying your Surf Board Needs:
Surf Boards fall into a few different categories and build configurations. Some of the delineations overlap, yet Surfboards are designed with respect to the application(s) in which they will be used. Surf shops will rent you most of the more common type boards available on the market today. If you are just learning to surf, you probably want to stay with a Funboard or a Foamboard, which are very buoyant, and easier to stand on if you are a bit shaky.

If you are looking for your start, find an Hawaii beach with gentler rolling and predictable waves to get your start. Waikiki Beach in Oahu is famous for its long rolling easy to time breakers. Each Island has its own unique locations for surfing, and if you want more data, select the Hawaiian Island of interest in, and check out our Hawai'i surf spots recommendations.

If you are new to the sport, don’t be shy! Everyone started in the same spot you are in, and you are going to fall off a few times before you get your first successful ride. Again, if you are new seriously consider an hour lesson or two. It can make a world of difference in the results, and how quickly you are riding the waves of the super beaches of Hawaii.

SurfBoard Rental Rates in Hawai'i:
Surfborards are available for Rental in the Hawaiian Islands on a Daily, Multi-day, Weekely, and Monthly Basis. The cost per day will always be less for a longer rental period. Also, higher performance boards will rent for higher rates in that the rental shops expect that these boards will receive rougher use and more scratching etc. Expect to pay between $20 - $30 per day for lower end boards, and as much as $80 per day for high end performance or more custom surfboards. Weekly surfboard rates between $90 and $125 per week. You may want to check out used surfboards to buy if you plan to surf for a whole month in Hawai'i. Information on Surfing in Hawai'i:
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Hawai'i Surf Pictures:

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