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Hikes and Hiking in Hawai’i:

Honomalino Bay Beach, Hawaii

Many people are surprised to find that Hawaii offers so many hikes and ways to enjoy the outdoors by walking. Almost all hikes in Hawaii take you close (or) directly to beaches, and those that don't invariably provide some grand views and vistas of Hawaiian beaches. Another reality of some of the beaches in Hawaii, is that they are not all accessible directly with conveient access to vehicle parking areas, so some hiking is a reality for many more remote and desirable beaches.

Hawaii Hiking Water Bottle Similar to other areas where hikers will be exposed to a wide variety of weather and temperature climates, hikers in Hawaii must be aware of the dramatic climatic elements they may encounter once they start a hike. For instance, starting a hike in Hawaii in the morning can present a very cool and pleasant hiking environment, but this pleasant weather can be less comfortable as temeperature and humidity rises as the hours tick by. Delightful beach breezes can quickly change as you move away from the ocean, and lava rock is excellent at reflecting heat and storing it, so that it creates a cumulative very high temeperature in near proximity, and this can make for discomfort if the Hawaii hiker is not prepared. Here are some suggetions on how to keep your Hawaii hike and beach hike comfortable and safe.

Items to bring with you on your Hawaii hike

What you will need for your hike will depend ultimately on how long your Hawaii hike is intended to last.
A couple of things you should never leave the car without though include:

• Fresh Water sufficient for your proposed hike, plus a few hours.
• Clothing sufficient for UV protection from the sun at the warmest and coolest time of the day.
• A hat to protect your head from the sun and shade your eyes.
• Sunglasses to protect your eyes from glare.
• Sun block lotion and balm for your skin and for your lips and ears.
• Transportable snacks! Hikers get hungry... especially in Hawaii!
• A beach towel if you plan to take a dip.
• A backpack to carry your hiking goods as you walk.

Hawaii Hiking Shoes and Hiking Boots

Hawaii Hiking BootsA common Hawaii hike mistake is to assume you can handle the hike with bare feet (like the early Hawaiians), or beach flip-flops (thongs), or even street shoes or sneakers. This is an understandable, yet dangerous assumption. Much of Hawaii's trail network is made of lava rock and often passes through lava fields which has razor sharp edges in places. Even Hawaii Beach hike sections can have hidden sharp edges, and if you get a pucture in your foot - it can ruin the whole day, and maybe even your whole vacation. So be safe and wear your hiking boots or hiking shoes and be safe.

As you consider boots or shoes for hiking in Hawaii, you will want to consider models that can breathe as you hike. This allows some fresh air to enter the boot, and allows air to escape as you walk. This also allows hiking shoes and boots to dry out the perspiration left when you take them out and about for a hike in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Beach Flip Flops - Choose Your Favorites!

Hawai'i Hikes and Hiking Pictures:

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