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The Super Beaches of Hawai'i:

Northshore Beach HawaiiSuper Beaches Hawaii IconThe Islands of Hawai’i, known as Hawai'i - The Big Island, Maui, O'ahu, Kaua'i, Moloka'i, Lana'i, Kaho'olawe, and Ni' ihau, are surrounded by fabulous, clear and warm tropical ocean water. That ocean water laps across some of the most wonderfully diverse beaches on the planet. Theese Hawai'i Beaches, although diverse, share a common and alluring origin.

The Beaches of Hawai'i were formed by a combination of volcanic action (generating black and darker colored lava rock, which breaks down into smaller particles on contact with the ocean forces), and organic materials like sea shells and coral, which after death, wash on to the Hawaiian beaches and eventually bleach white with the sun. All of these materials are being continually reduced in size as the energy in the ocean and the energy from the sun interact. At some point in this process, we differentiate what the human eye is seeing in the components, and begin referencing the material on the beach as "Sand".

The sand itself, so plentiful and alluring on Hawai'i's beaches, continues being affected by the warming of the sun, and the cooling of the ocean waves. This non stop process causes expansion and contraction of the sand particles, weakening the molecular bonds in the sand, which further continues the breakdown process, and overall reducing of the sand(s) size. Since time began on the Islands Hawai'i, this mechanical interaction has generated beaches that have intrigued the mind and soul. That said, it all happens in the background of the beauty, that is here on the Beaches of Hawai'i for you to enjoy.

Our purpose at SBHawaii.com is to create a web portal that helps the beach enthusiast find more ways to have fun on the Super Beaches of Hawai'i. We have created an "Activities" section that briefly describes some of the methods we have tried and recommend. We also have collected an inventory of beaches, by Hawaiian Island, that you can explore and enjoy. We have attempted to include many beaches which you may not see referenced in other publications, especially if you enjoy more private beach visits.


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Hawai'i Super Beaches in Pictures:

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