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Activities on Hawai'i Beaches:

SurfingScubaStand Up PaddleSnorkelHikingBikingHelicopterTouringFishingVolcanoDiningStar Gazing

Wailea Beach Couple Relaxing Super Beaches Hawaii IconSo you have been dreaming about that wonderful relaxing Hawai'i vacation, and now you are starting to make your plans in earnest. You have started reading about the various Hawaiian Islands, and you are confronted with the reality of the information variables. You were thnking rest and relaxation, but the travel information is all about... Hawai'i "Activities" and things to do! So what's up with that?

First and foremost, what you do (or don't do) is absolutely, positively, up to you. Hawai'i has choices! Oh, those sweet and lovely choices! You can stay in your hotel, and probably have a fabulous time, even if you never leave the immediate area. Most are very near beaches, and almost all have a swimming pool and sun bathing area. Thats great huh? But, something always happens that gets your personal and specific attention once you arrive here in Hawai'i. It may be the gentle pull of the azure waves beckoning you to try Boogie Boarding, SUP (Stand Up Paddle) or Surfing.

The sea born calm may be your desire, and maybe you are drawn to Deep Sea Fishing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, or Swimming in the deep blue tranquil waters that engulfs these Islands? Perhaps you hear the whisper of the majestic mountains, bathed in bright Hawaiian sunlight, calling you for a Hike, a Bike ride, or maybe a Tour?

Even the night of the Hawai'i sky twinkles with stars you can not see from home, and the pristine and warm air of Hawai'i seduces you for some late night Star Gazing. Suddenly, and without warning, you want to see and experience more. A few days rest after your flight over, and you are ready to try something new and super fun. There are so many invigorating and refreshing choices...Welcome to the Super Beaches of Hawai'i!

Here is an overview of the Activities we discuss in SBHawaii.com:

Hawai'i Helicopter ToursHelicopters and Helicopter Tours in Hawai'i
Seeing Hawai'i by Helicopter is the best way to see the full beauty of and breadth of these Islands. Mountain sites that are not visible from the road are clearly visible and can be photographed by a Hawaiian Helicopter ride. Helicopter Tours are available on Oahu, Maui, Kaua'i, Lana'i, and The Big Island of Hawai'i. Helicopter Tours can be arranged for neighboring Islands of Moloka'i, Molokini, Kahoolawe, Ni' ihau by short flights directly to these Islands.

Hawai'i has a wide variety of Helicopter tours and Helicopters for your touring pleasure. Each Helicopter has its own individual capacities, and we discuss the advandtages and disadvantages of each type. We also talk about the range of Tour Rates, and types of Helicopter Tours you can expect to find while exploring Hawai'i.

If you are seriously thinking about an Hawaiian Helicopter Tour, plan it early in your trip to give you a heightened sense of the Island geography you will be visiting.

More Information on Hawai'i Helicopter Tours

Hawai'i Open Water SwimmerGo for a Swim in Hawai'i
The swimming in Hawai'i is world class and not to be missed. There are a few hazards that go along with the splendor however, and we want you to have all the facts before you enter the water anywhere outside of your swimming pool.

Also, a quick check of our information on Hawai'i Beaches will be helpful. We talk about recommended Hawaiian Beaches, Hawai'i Lifeguards, Hawai'i Tides, and Sand conditions. Another great way to have a great day at the beach!

More Information on Hawai'i Swimming and Safety

Hawai'i Snorkel InformationSnorkel and Snorkeling Gear in Hawai'i
Hawai'i has the best snorkeling in the United States of America. The water is warm (typically 80 degrees), and the fish and sealife are plentiful. Healthy colorful coral await your viewing pleasure, and Hawai'i has fabulous snorkeling from beginners to advanced.

So you are coming right? The conditions will never be any better than this! Maybe you want a snorkel cruise, or you just want to snorkel off the beach? We have you covered with snorkeling tips, beaches, tours, and a handy reference for some potential hazards to warn you in advance.

Once you put on your Snorkel Mask in Hawai'i and take a peak under the waves, you will be bubbling with new and refreshed excitement!

More Information Snorkeling Hawai'i

Scuba Diving Hawaii with DolphinScuba Diving in Hawai'i
Since the Snorkeling is world class here in Hawai'i, you can be sure the Scuba Diving is as well. With warm tropical waters and abundant sealife, every component of your Diving dream is available to you here in Hawai'i. We are not talking about an Island or two either, we mean on every Island in Hawai'i... year round!

Whither you are a beginner, and want to get your certification for Scuba Diving, or you are an accomplished Scuba Diver and want some challenging open water Scuba; Hawai'i has it. Many Scuba locations are available by beach access, and others require a Scuba Dive Charter vessel to take you out for a multi-tank dive. Let us help you put together some Scuba Diving options, and get you going off into the deep blue.

More Information Scuba Diving in Hawai'i

Boogie Board in Hawaii InformationBoogie Board (aka BodyBoard) Hawai'i
The best way to get your Boogie going in Hawai'i is with a Boogie Board. And, if you want to Boogie Board in Hawai'i, there some ways to make it hard and some ways to make it easier. We want you to have great time Boogie Boarding in Hawai'i, so let us help you cut to the chase on how to have fun.

No matter whither you are a beginner to Boogie Boarding or an established expert, we have the Beach Information you will want and need to savbe you time and money when Boogie Boarding ion Hawai'i. Sound fun? Let's Go!

More Information on Boogie Boarding Hawai'i

Hawaii Surfing LessonSurf, Surfing, and Surfboards in Hawai'i
Even if you don't know your "FunBoard" form your "Foamboard" Surf wise, we have you covered for your Hawai'i surfing needs. Whither you are looking for a surf board to rent, or whither you want to sign up for Surf School, we can help you out - quick! We talk about the beaches, the break, and even about the sand.

Surfing jargon got you bamboozled? We have the "411" in the "808", in an easy to read format that goes from beginners to expert surfer needs. Wax up, its about to get gnarly.

More Information on Surfing in Hawai'i

Mountain Bike HawaiiBikes, Mopeds, Scooters, and Motorcycle Rentals in Hawai'i
If you want see a beautifully long stretch of coastline, with some amazing Super Beaches attached, get your two (and three) wheel deal together here. We talk about Bicycles (Bikes), Mopeds, Scooters, and Motorcycles here in Hawai'i, and what you need to know before you sign on the line to rent one during your stay.

Anyone that has rented a Two wheeler on their stay in Hawai'i will tell you the three words you need to know when thinking about whither it is worth it or not. Be prepared for "Fun, Fun, Fun".

More Information on Biking in Hawai'i

Hiking in HawaiiHiking in Hawai'i
There is nothing more traditional in Hawai'i than Hiking. The first inhabitants of Hawai'i hiked everywhere they went, and what a view they have to enjoy!. Whither you want a long beach side hike, or a trek up into the mountains; Hawai'i has you covered.

Every Island in Hawai'i has multiple featured Hikes, and you can count on wide variety of tropical birds and wildlife to be there to watch you hike too. It seems nothing deters many tourists faster than the prospect of a long walk, so if you are looking to get away from the throng at the Beach or your Resort, consider "booting" up and taking a Hike in the Islands of Hawai'i.

Need Hiking gear? We have some real money saving ideas. So take a hike! You will see beauty others will miss, and it will leave you in love with the land and beaches of Hawai'i.

More Information on Hikes and Hiking in Hawai'i

Tour Hawaii in StyleTaking Tours and Touring in Hawai'i
Ready to turn in your Rental Car and try something fun, and let somebody else worry about parking, gas prices, and traffic? Come on a tour in Hawai'i! There are so many new tours and exciting revisions of more established tours that you will be amazed.

International tourists have alaways used the incredible services of the Hawai'i "Tour de Force", but fleets of new super comfortable touring buses, and smaller plush touring vans are quickly changing the landscape and desireability of taking a tour. Check out the options here, and see whats new on the roads and by the beaches in Hawai'i.

More Information on Tours and Touring in Hawai'i

Try Fishing in HawaiiFishing in Hawai'i
You have seen the videos, you have heard the stories, and the fish are biting in Hawai'i! It doesn't really matter what time of year you get here either, because there is always a good Fish bite going on, and many people who want to help you get some Fishing action established.

Fishing is a tradition here in Hawai'i, and unlike many States, Hawai'i does not require a license or permit for you to start fishing. Fishing can be quite good directly from shore in many places, and there is an established fleet of Charter Fishing Operators that will gladly take you out Fishing for a morning, afternoon, or for a full day on the ocean if you desire.

We talk about the practices and customs of fishing here in Hawai'i, and how you can get some great deals on your Fishing Charter and your Fishing equipment. If you have never been deep sea Fishing, treat yourself to a fantastic experience and give Hawai'i a chance to reel in a big one... Hawai'i style!

More Information on Fishing in Hawai'i

Volcanoes in HawaiiVolcanoes, and Volcano Tours in Hawai'i
The entire Hawai'i archipelago is volcanic in origin, so all rocks and earth you see on land was made from a volcano here. Many of the Hawaiian volcanoes are not active, yet display a wide variety of natural wonders in their broad expanse, and tours up their hillsides (or to their depths) will reveal an enormous amount about the fate of Hawai'i going forward through time.

The Big Island of Hawai'i offers "active" volcanoes and eruptions for you to witness in the Volcanoes National Park. We wil show you some cost effective ways to get there, and some suggestions on how to make the best use of your time while in the National Park.

More Information on Volcanoes and Volcano Tours in Hawai'i

Star Gazing and Astronomy in HawaiiStar Gazing and Astronomy in Hawai'i
Hawai'i has remarkably great weather, and because of it's distance from all other areas of earthly civilization - incredibly clear air, especially when you get away from the more densely populated, night light emitting areas. This translates into a magical experience nightly when the sun sets in the west, and the stars begin their nightly showing.

Astronomers worldwide have capitalilized on this reality, and have built world class observatories high in Hawai'i. Several offer access to the general public, and we discuss the realities of visits to these high sites and what your expectations should be when visiting. Also, we review some of the tour options available to the general public covering climate expectations and transportation to the Observatories.

More Information on Star Gazing and Astronomy in Hawai'i

Dining and Eating in HawaiiDining and Eating in Hawai'i
With all the potential activity you can accomplish in Hawai'i, you will need to think about keeeping your energy levels high, and the best way to do that is with a great Hawai'i eating plan. You can spend a fortune for a great eating experience in Hawai'i, but you don't have to. We talk about options, great restaurants, reasonable buys, and how to make your money go as far as possible while staying in Hawai'i.

The great news is that our suggestions are fresh, delicious, and even include a cocktail plan for your consideration.

More Information on Dining and Eating in Hawai'i


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